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I thought I would use my December blog to look back over the last year and what I have achieved during the first year of my training contract.  I certainly feel like a different person than I was on the first day that I stepped into the office, although I recognise that there is obviously still a lot of learning still left to do!

Being part of a small firm has really given me some great hands on experience that I do not believe I would have received elsewhere.  I have been involved in all sorts of matters from the corporate work to the litigation work.  The litigation work in particular has been extremely wide ranging and I have been involved in disputes ranging in value from £100 all the way up to multimillion pound claims.  One thing I have learnt is that, no matter what the size of the dispute, they are all equally as complex and come with their own issues and complications.  Nothing is straight forward in litigation and there is certainly no simple answer.

The disputes have been equally as wide ranging in nature from neighbour boundary disputes to large telecommunication contractual claims.  Certainly no two days have ever been the same and it has taught me to stay on my toes.

Moving forward into the New Year I am hoping to become more involved in the corporate work to balance out what I have learnt from the litigation team.  I am looking forward to 2016 so I can finally say that I qualify this year!

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