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“Following my election in 2010 Marcus approached me about his intern programme. He explained that it was vital to ensure young people from all backgrounds had access to the experience and education needed to join the legal profession. It was his belief that with his success, coupled with his contacts in business, politics and law he could do something really solid to contribute. Since then I have taken a number of interns per year. They were all from various different backgrounds but what they had in common was a firm commitment to public service, something that I believe is vital if you work in the law or politics. Marcus has been the sole driving force behind this and deserves significant credit for it. It is genuinely praiseworthy that he finds time to give something back that is so tangible to both law students and (in the fullness of time) the whole legal profession.”

David Morris MP, Morecambe and Lunesdale

“I have found Marcus to be an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration for me. His commitment to helping first generation scholars with not only monetary support but more importantly, with real life work experience, has been felt widespread at the University. Marcus, as an alumnus has gone above and beyond expectations by helping many students to enter into an already difficult legal market at a particularly bad time for the industry. The Charitable Trust has allowed students like me to meet someone who has done what we hope to be able to do in the future and provided a platform to network. Marcus understands and empathises with the challenges facing those from a less privileged background who want to enter the legal industry but have no contacts within the sector; to some, Marcus has been that pivotal character that has left a lasting impression by motivating them to a career similar to his. He is an individual I will continue to be inspired by.”

Rohan Jerath, Second Year Undergraduate, University of Sussex

“In the whole of my time working in higher education as a careers adviser at 5 different Universities and now as Director of the Careers and Employability Centre, I have never witnessed an alumnus or employer who has made such a dedicated and significant contribution to student career and personal development. Marcus’ commitment to give back to enable individuals in higher education to develop self-confidence, knowledge and skills is to be applauded”.

Linda Buckham, Director, Careers and Employability Centre, University of Sussex

“I first heard of Marcus Hayes when I saw an advertisement for a work placement scheme organised via his Charitable Trust. As a first generation scholar this was an excellent opportunity for me to work alongside an in-house lawyer; something I would not ordinarily have been able to do. I gained new skills from this placement and importantly made a great contact who has continued to be a fantastic support to me. Soon after the placement I met Marcus for the first time and have been in awe of him ever since. Marcus is a very inspirational man and I hope to be able to follow in his footsteps. On all of the occasions I have met Marcus he has given up so much of his time to talk with me and offer such invaluable advice. Marcus actually motivates me to push myself outside of my comfort zone and he has also encouraged me to believe in myself. Above all Marcus is a very down to earth and an approachable man. To have someone like Marcus available at the end of a phone/email really is incredibly beneficial to students like me.”

Ellie Taylor-Dix, Mason Hayes Essay Prizewinner 2013 and University of Sussex graduate

“We can best serve society if members of the legal profession come from all segments of the population reflecting this country’s diversity. Financial aid such as the scholarships provided by Mason Hayes for University life is a vital component of any effort to increase diversity in the legal profession, and the Sussex Law School in the School of Law, Politics and Sociology at the University of Sussex looks forward to working further with Mason Hayes in the years to come.”

Professor Stephen Shute, Head of School of Law, Politics and Sociology, University of Sussex

“The Mason Hayes Charitable Trust has been an immensely positive experience. As I aspire to practice commercial law, this was the best experience I have had to date as it allowed me to experience the life of a lawyer in a commercial setting. Moreover Marcus is very approachable, a somewhat unusual trait for someone in his position. He has acted as my mentor and given me advice on various topics, ranging from how to approach my studies to how to approach my career. Marcus has told me numerous times that before anyone else will believe in me, I need to believe in myself. Having someone as a mentor who has entered the law so successfully has been invaluable”.

Usman Ahmed, Mason Hayes Scholar and University of Sussex graduate

“I met Marcus three years ago when he first came to talk to law students at Sussex, and was immediately impressed by his ability to connect with students and to inspire them to believe in themselves, as well as to pursue their dreams and aspirations with conviction. Marcus has kept in close contact with the Mason Hayes’ scholars, who are graduating this year, and has been a tremendous source of support for them. I have no doubt that with the inspiration they have had, they will succeed in pursuing a successful career. In addition, Marcus has also established the Mason Hayes Charitable Trust Work Experience Scheme, which has offered work experience to Sussex law students from under represented backgrounds in some of the country’s largest companies, at chambers and working with MPs. This has provided invaluable experience to our students and it is a much welcome scheme by the University. The opportunity to work with legal professionals even for a short period of time provides an incredible learning experience for students. It is a unique opportunity that these students would not benefit from otherwise.”

Dr Marina Pedreira-Vilarino, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, University of Sussex

“Marcus is my training supervisor at Mason Hayes and I have had the opportunity to work alongside him as part of my training contract. When Marcus and I work together I am treated as his equal and not as a trainee. Marcus enjoys working with and progressing young lawyers and I do believe that he genuinely cares about my development at the firm. This I have seen both from my own experience of working with Marcus but also from working with Marcus and students who have come to the firm for work experience under the Mason Hayes Charitable Trust Scheme. Marcus is an excellent litigation lawyer whose strength is the ability to plan litigation strategically and manoeuvre the parties to a commercial resolution. His ability to do so is possible by his in depth legal knowledge, vast experience and his extensive knowledge of his clients businesses. Marcus goes beyond what is expected of him in order to deliver the very best service to his clients”.

Jessica Eaton,Trainee Solicitor, Mason Hayes

“Coming from a family where I am one of the first members to attend University, the help and guidance offered by Marcus’ scholarship and Marcus generally have been outstanding. The scholarship has given me opportunities that perhaps would not have been available but more importantly, it gave me the confidence throughout my degree of knowing that I had a professional to turn to and someone who believed in me and my prospects. I would confidently say that Marcus is a great ambassador for the legal sector and has given so much to so many students at Sussex University”.

Alexandra Bridson, Mason Hayes Scholar and University of Sussex graduate

“As a student I feel I am constantly reminded of two things looming in the future: fierce competition in the job market and vast amounts of debt.  I cannot extend my gratitude enough to Marcus Hayes for positively helping me with both of these aspects.  As soon as I read the email congratulating me on the scholarship, and then reread it in disbelief, I immediately felt a huge weight shifted off my shoulders.  This scholarship will make an invaluable difference to me.  It will enable me to gain the experience I need to pursue my ambitions whilst greatly mitigating my financial worries.  In addition, the scholarship has increased my motivation further as it is not only reassuring to have someone who believes in you but also has the vast experience, knowledge and commercial awareness to help me to achieve my goals.”

Heidi Burrows, Mason Hayes Scholar, University of Sussex

“This scholarship is the key to unlock the door to my career in law.  The financial help will relieve a substantial amount of pressure and stress that comes along with the significant costs of attending university, enabling me to focus solely on my studies.  Prior to this life-changing opportunity, I had no connections to anyone in the legal profession for advice or guidance which was a great concern of mine.  Thus the work experience that is provided will overcome this issue and teach me how to apply the classroom studying to a practical reality in preparation for my career in law.  I couldn’t be any more grateful.”

Roisin Fisher, Mason Hayes Scholar, University of Sussex    

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