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Every business faces the challenges of managing budgets and ensuring that costs are managed as efficiently and effectively as possible. With this in mind, many businesses will wish to ensure that they are getting the best price available and will therefore have to undertake some form of tender or bid process.

The Mason Hayes team is highly skilled in guiding clients through this process. From advising on the Request For Proposal (“RFP”) to negotiating the contract with the successful bidder, our team can help you get the best deal and ensure that key supplier relationships are supported by robust contractual terms to underpin a long-term relationship between the parties. Mason Hayes can focus on minimising risk and exposure and give maximum protection should an issue arise.


Mason Hayes has a wealth of experience including the following:

  • advising and drafting RFP documentation;
  • drafting and negotiating outsourcing arrangements;
  • preparing framework agreements for long-term supplier arrangements; and
  • project managing the tender or bid process.
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