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Mason Hayes Charitable Trust

The Mason Hayes Charitable Trust was formed in 2009 by Managing Director, Marcus Hayes and works in partnership with the University of Sussex where Marcus studied as a first generation scholar. Originating from a family where he was the first to attend at University, Marcus wanted to give something back to the legal profession and support those students who may not otherwise have the opportunity of a University education. Fully understanding and empathising with the challenges faced by those from less privileged backgrounds looking to enter the legal profession, Marcus believed passionately that the opportunities of higher education and a legal career should be available to the best students, regardless of financial means or personal circumstances. Marcus therefore established the Mason Hayes Charitable Trust to open doors for students whose financial circumstances would otherwise preclude them from funding a University degree or for those whose personal circumstances make it difficult to access higher education.

Through the Trust, and led by Marcus’ energy and vision, Mason Hayes makes a significant contribution to the personal, professional and commercial development of law students at the University of Sussex and continues to enrich the diversity mix in the legal sector.

Scholar Essays and Articles

Click to read essays and articles from the Mason Hayes Scholars supported by the Charitable Trust.

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